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New Validity Period for Ejari Power of Attorneys in Dubai

During May 2019, a few new rules have been adopted in relation to EJARI registration of tenancy contracts in Dubai. One of the rules relates to Power of Attorneys (POA). As per the new requirements of EJARI, a POA for EJARI registration will only be valid for a maximum of two (2) years as mandated by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

The rule has retrospective effect, meaning that the previous POAs issued are also affected by this new directive. So, if you currently have a POA from a landlord or a tenant, the validity will automatically start running on the date it was notarized till it’s 2nd year. For instance, if your POA was signed lets say on June 1, 2017, you can no longer use it after June 1, 2019 for EJARI registration.

The goal is to regulate authorizations between all parties involved and be up to date with the ever evolving fast paced development that the UAE Government aims. For the most part, such rule ensures that the landlords’ right is observed and improved, especially those who are abroad.

Therefore, a POA for EJARI registration has to be renewed every 2 years. A Power of Attorney can also be signed abroad if a landlord or a tenant are outside the UAE and are not able to travel. To learn more, feel free to contact us or you can read our blog on How to make a POA from abroad to use in the UAE through this link.

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