Revocation of the Power of Attorney is a legal document using which you can cancel the Power of Attorney that you have previously given.

You had the best intentions when you issued your Power of Attorney, but things may have changed and you may need a Revocation of Power of Attorney document. Maybe you can handle your matters yourself without an agent or maybe you need to replace your agent for various reasons. When the situation changes, it is always good to update your legal paperwork. Fortunately, making those changes is easy using a a Revocation of Power of Attorney, which helps you cancel your Power of Attorney that is not needed anymore.

Other names for this document: POA Revocation, Power of Attorney Revocation, Revocation of Power of Attorney Form, POA Cancellation.

Use the Revocation of Power of Attorney document if:
– You want to revoke/cancel an existing power of attorney.
– You are getting ready to assign a new power of attorney.

Revocation of a Power of Attorney has to be in a written form, notarized and delivered through registered mail or through bailiff of the Notary Public to your agent or any third parties with whom your agent has been in contact (e.g. your bank).


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