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Civil Marriage for Non-Muslim in Abu Dhabi Judicial Court

Abu Dhabi Government issued Law No. 14 of 2021 Concerning Personal Status for non-Muslim Foreigners. This legislative act is designed to underscore the significance of formalizing the marital relationship, with its primary goal of protecting the rights of both spouses and, importantly, the rights of children. In this article, we will explore the civil marriage procedures in the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, shedding light on Why it was issued, its Types, requirements, and ceremony.

What is a Civil Marriage?

According to Article 7, a marriage is considered civil when it is conducted and officially recorded in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations without regard to any specific religious law. Through this marriage, residents of the UAE holding Emirates ID can get married, as well as non-residents. Furthermore, it permits marriage when one spouse is a resident, and the other is a visitor if they are in the UAE.

Article 8 stipulates the conditions for concluding a civil marriage, which are:

  • Both spouses need to be at least 18 years old.
  • The free will of the spouses.
  • The mental capacity of the spouses.
  • No forbidden kinship between spouses (brothers, children, uncles, or aunts)
  • Both spouses are not in any existing marital relationship.
  • Neither spouse can be an Emirati

Civil Marriage in Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Requirements:

  • Passport copy.
  • UAE residence visa (if applicable).
  • Emirates ID copy (if applicable).
  • Active UAE PASS App (if applicable).
  • Declaration that they are not married.
  • Marriage application form.
  • Proof of divorce, if divorced.
  • Copy of death certificate of deceased wife or husband, if widowed.

Types of Civil Marriage in Abu Dhabi Judicial Department:

According to ADJD, there are 2 types of civil marriage:

  • Standard Civil Marriage: The court will choose the date and time subject to availability. The entire procedure can take from 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Express Marriage: Gives the spouses the chance to select the date and time of the ceremony. Th