A Power of Attorney for Property Sale allows you to appoint another person or entity to sell your real estate property on behalf of you. If you need to travel or have no time to go through the formalities of selling a real estate, you may consider giving a Power of Attorney to another trusted person or entity, such as our firm, who can handle the formalities for you.

As per the Dubai Land Department (DLD) rules, a POA for Property Sale must not be more than 2 years old. If a POA has been executed, the document has to be used within two years from the date it has come into effect. Otherwise, re-validation of a POA would be required.

There are several other limitation with regards to such POA, which have been implemented by concerned real estate authorities to protect the real estate owners and prevent misuse of the POA.

Since not too long ago, it has been aloowed to give a POA for Property Sale/Purchase to real estate brokers.

In a Power of Attorney for selling a real estate, the property details must be specified in the POA and you need to have ownership documents such as a Title Deed in your name.


 Our Power of Attorney Forms are recognized by :

Abu dhabi department UAE Ministry of Labour Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE
Ministry of Justice UAE Land Department Dubai Courts
Dubai Economy Department UAE Ministry of Economy Roads and Transport Authority