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Can I give power of attorney to a broker to sell my property in Dubai?

The introduction of POA for real estate agents has been a game-changer in Dubai’s real estate market. It has opened up new opportunities for overseas property owners and streamlined the buying process for overseas buyers.

What Is Oqood and Difference Between Title Deed and Oqood in UAE?

In Dubai, one of the essential documents in real estate transactions is the “Oqood” certificate. Oqood is a digital certificate provided by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) when a property is Off-plan or on a payment plan.

Everything you need to know about Ejari Registration, Required Documents, Fees & More

Learn about the mandatory Ejari registration process for renting a property in Dubai, including the required documents, fees, and other important details.

Importance Of POA In Managing Real Estate Planning!

If you want to do the estate planning while you are alive then you can make a POA for property to manage your real estate on behalf of you.