A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to grant authority to another person to act on your behalf in situations where you are not able to do so personally. Situations where a Power of Attorney might be required are endless, but some examples include a disposal of personal property or a vehicle, managing your business or real estate or representation of your interests before government authorities, in your absence.

As the first dedicated Power of Attorney firm in the United Arab Emirates, we are proud to offer you a full range of Power of Attorney drafting, representation, translation, legalization and other associated services.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are perfectly equipped to prepare a valid Power of Attorney forms to use in the United Arab Emirates or overseas.

While preparing your Power of Attorney, we take into consideration every detail of your situation to ensure that the Power of Attorney is tailored to your requirements and that it is not just a generic template.

Our Power of Attorney forms include:

  • Power of Attorney for Personal Matters;
  • Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions;
  • Power of Attorney Business Transactions;
  • Power of Attorney Real Estate Transactions;
  • Revocation of Existing Power of Attorney.

We are committed to make your experience with us as smooth and efficient as possible. We understand that the time is of the essence for the vast majority of our clients. This is why we have built a platform which enables you to order a Power of Attorney online from the comfort of your home or office.

You will receive the first draft of your Power of Attorney within two to four hours of the order during business hours. Upon receiving the draft from us, you will have an opportunity to review it and give us your feedback and request for amendments. We will amend your POA at no additional charge for an unlimited time until the Power of Attorney meets all your requirements, subject to the Plan you purchased.

Last but not least, it is important to note that any Power of Attorney intended to be used in the United Arab Emirates should either be solely in Arabic, or in English with certified Arabic translation. We have partnered with some of the region’s leading legal translators in order to save the hustle of finding an accredited legal translator, and make the process easier for you. When ordering a Power of Attorney from us, you will have an opportunity to also get your Power of Attorney translated into Arabic at a better price than anywhere else. In addition, if you are not sure how to notarize your POA in the UAE, you can avail our notarization assistance service.

POA.ae is the first dedicated Power of Attorney firm in the United Arab Emirates and offers full range of  POA drafting, documents clearing services, representation and associated services. To learn more about our services and for assistance, please get in touch with us on +971 55 886 4969 (WhatsApp) or +971 4 359 3773 or email at contact@poa.ae.