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FAQ About a Vehicle Power of Attorney in UAE

1. What is a Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions?

A Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions allows you to appoint another person to handle transaction related to your vehicle on your behalf. This is often used to give another person authority to sell, buy, register title, renew registration, maintain, obtain plate number or export your vehicle and sign documents when you cannot be personally present.

2. Can I grant a POA to a person in Dubai to sell and transfer my vehicle on my behalf?

Yes, you can surely grant a POA to a person in Dubai to sell your vehicle on your behalf.

3. Will this POA give my attorney the ability to handle all transactions on my behalf?

Yes, depending on the wording of the POA, your attorney can do all transactions in relation to your vehicle by virtue of the POA. Your attorney can represent you at different government authorities like Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), banks etc. Nevertheless, you can limit the powers of your attorney in the POA as per your requirements. You can see a template Power of Attorney for Vehicle on this link.

4. Can my attorney settle the Road and Transport Authorities (RTA) fines and renew the registration of my vehicle by virtue of a vehicle POA?

Yes, your attorney can collect all the fines and settle them on your behalf.

5. For how long a Power of Attorney will be valid?

The principal (person who is giving the POA) can decide on the term of the POA, which can be valid for a limited time or for a lifetime.

6. Can I issue a Power of Attorney for a Vehicle from outside the UAE?

Yes, the POA can be issued from outside the UAE. If you will be issuing the POA from outside the UAE, the POA has to be notarized and legalized up to the UAE Embassy in the country of signing. After the UAE Embassy’s legalization, the POA must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the UAE and then translated into Arabic. Then, it will be valid and can be used.

7. How POA.ae can help?

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