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A Special Power of Attorney for Property

In Dubai, when concluding real estate transactions, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) prefers and encourages the parties to be personally involved and present in executing the documents to finalize the real estate transaction, especially when it comes to buying and selling of real estate. The reason is apparently to avoid any fraudulent transactions. However, many Dubai property investors do not reside in the Emirate and even if they do, they may have time constraints for attending the formalities. This is where a Power of Attorney for property or real estate comes into play. A Power of Attorney for the property is a written instrument whereby one party, the grantor or principal, gives authority to another party, the agent or attorney-in-fact, to act on their behalf in the proposed real estate transaction.

In general, for a POA to be valid in the UAE, it has to be prepared either in Arabic, or in English with legal translation into Arabic and must be signed at a Notary Public in the UAE.

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