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Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions

A Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions, also known as  an Auto Power of Attorney or Vehicle Power of Attorney, is a document that authorizes your agent who could be your family member or a friend to to act on behalf of you in relation to your vehicle. An Auto Power of Attorney can give your agent only specific powers such as car maintenance or the authority to do almost anything you could do if you were present including buying and selling vehicles. For this reason, it is very important to review your Vehicle POA and to include only those powers that you have intended to grant.

Another scenario where an Auto POA can be used is when you wish to lend your vehicle to someone in your family, your friends or any other acquaintance without transferring the title of your vehicle.

In general, a Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions can be used for the following events:

  • Signing or collecting documents and representing the vehicle’s owner at Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to renew or amend the car registration.
  • Representing the car’s owner at banks (lender) to avail auto loan or for the settlement of the same.
  • Representing the vehicle owner at all official and non-official authorities.
  • Maintenance and renewal of vehicle insurance.
  • Selling the vehicle to a third party on behalf of the owner (signing the vehicle registration transfer).
  • Buying a car on behalf of the principal (i.e. the grantor of the POA).

When you, as the owner of the vehicle, are not physically available at the place the vehicle is being sold, a POA can be a convenient tool to sell and transfer the title of your vehicle through your agent.

In the United Arab Emirates, a Vehicle Power of Attorney has to be primarily in Arabic with official English translation as an option and it has  to be notarized at the Notary Public. If the document is issued outside the UAE, then it has to be notarized and attested by the foreign affairs department and the UAE Embassy in the country of origin and b