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How You Can Revoke A Power Of Attorney In UAE?

In UAE, you can officially cancel a legal power of attorney with the help of a revocation POA. You can get this revocation form online from an authorized service provider and nullify a power of attorney. With the help of the revocation of the power of attorney form, you can officially declare the end of the validity of the power of attorney to the party with whom you are involved in the contract. For example, if you assigned authority to a friend or another member of your family to sell or give your property on rent on your behalf, but now you want to cancel the power of that person due to a personal or professional reason then you can revoke it by merely filing a revocation power of attorney form.

For canceling a power of attorney you may start the process in many ways. For example, you can cancel your power of attorney papers together if you want to cancel the old power of attorney and want to make a new power of attorney with a new agent. You can also use the revocation form for cancellation of the power of attorney if you want to make it new with different terms and conditions. You can get the revocation form with the necessary columns and titles and merely have to fill up the details and have to attest it from the notary to cancel a power of attorney.

For cancellation of power of attorney, you do not need to hire a lawyer because you can send the revocation of power of attorney form in person to the other party. You can also send this document via email to the other party and declare the legal cancellation of the contract. It is also essential for you to send a copy of the revocation form to the bank or finance company so that the other party cannot take any benefit related to the finances due to unawareness about the revocation of power of attorney.

Revocation of power of attorney is not a costly procedure as you only have to pay a reasonable amount for the legal template of cancellation and by filing the form and getting the signature of the witness, you can accomplish the process of revocation. The legal way of revocation allows you to change your mind about the person who can act on your behalf for legal, business, and personal matters. As mentioned above, you can revoke a power of attorney with the agent and appoint a new agent if you want to continue a power of attorney.

The revocation of the power of attorney form can regulate the cancellation of rights you have given to another individual with immediate effect. The agent cannot deny you to accept the revocation of power of attorney because you have legal rights to do the same. If you do not act in time to revoke a power of attorney in the event of a breach of trust, then the agent can misuse your given rights and cause problems for you. So before trapped in a tense situation, it is essential to revoke a power of attorney with your agent.

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