What is a Will? 

A Will is a legal instrument that stipulates your intentions as to what would happen to all of your wealth upon your death. A Will can deal with all your assets including real estate, money in your bank account, investments, jewelry, vehicles and personal or household belongings that you own. Your assets can be assigned to individuals, families or institutions, either in part or as a whole. In a Will you can also specify other wishes including the appointment of temporary and permanent guardians for your minor children, contributions to charitable causes, and funeral arrangements.

Why Do I Need to Make a Will in UAE?

If you are an expatriate residing in UAE and if you have property investments or other movable or immovable assets, it is vitally important to have your Will ready, no matter how much assets you hold. Not leaving a Will in UAE may cause serious difficulties to heirs and lead to grave consequences.

According to UAE laws, if one dies without leaving a valid Will, then all his/her assets including real estate, money in a bank account(s), vehicles and other belongings shall be frozen until they are distributed among the relatives of the deceased by local courts. Local courts normally apply Shariah principles in relation to distribution of assets in the absence of a Will.

Moreover, process of distributing the assets through the court is normally time consuming and requires a number of documents as well as efforts from the heirs. In addition, majority of heirs, especially children, may not have a chance to come to the courts for claiming their shares. If dispute arises between heirs, then it may lead to endless and costly legal process, which may take number of years to be resolved.

Solution? Make a Will!

Your simple Will can save your loved ones from all the above consequences and lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death.

In summary, having a Will gives you and your loved ones following benefits:

  • Your assets shall be distributed according to your wishes;
  • You can appoint guardians to look after your minor children;
  • It speeds the process of the distribution of your estate;
  • It will override the local laws;
  • No family arguments – everyone knows your wish and who gets what;
  • You can make a provision for charity;

Taking into account your nationality, religion, marital status and other factors, the legal effect of a Will may differ. Moreover, as per UAE laws, a Will should be notarized in order to be valid. Therefore, it is very important to get specialist advice and assistance for making a legally valid Will.

We offer professional Wills drafting services in UAE. We also assist with legal translation, notarization and attestation of Wills.