A Power of Attorney for Real Estate Management allows you to appoint another person or entity (the agent or attorney-in-fact) to manage your real estates. This POA does not empower the agent to buy or sell a real estate on your behalf. Using this POA, you can authorize your real estate agent, relative or friend to rent out your apartment or office, sign tenancy agreements, receive rental payments, maintain your apartments, and represent you before government authorities or private entities in relation to your real estate. Such POA is normally given to a real estate broker, real estate management companies or your relatives or friends who can perform the above tasks on behalf of you.

  • This type of Power of Attorney is ideal for appointing an agent or friend to manage your real estate, without granting the broad powers that are normally included in a General Power of Attorney.
  • The person who is giving the POA for Real Estate Management should own a real estate property in UAE to issue such POA.
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